Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)

  • This category is suitable for applicants seeking to set up, take over or be actively involved in the running of a UK business and have at least £200,000 to invest in a new or existing UK company. An applicant who has already legally established a business in the UK will qualify provided that the investment was made within the 12 calendar months prior to the date of application.


  • English language requirement: the applicant will have to pass an English language test and achieve an equivalent of IELTS 4.5.


  • Maintenance requirement: applicants outside the UK seeking entry clearance must have at least £2,800 of personal savings which must have been held for a consecutive 90 day period before the date of application (as well as sufficient funds for dependants wishing to join the main applicant).


  • The applicant will initially be granted leave to enter for three years.


  • By the time their leave expires applicants will have to show that their activities have created at least two new full time jobs for UK employees. Meeting these requirements will gain applicants the necessary points needed for further leave to remain, which will be for two years.


  • Applicants are not allowed to work outside the business or businesses they have set up, taken over or joined, or have recourse to public funds.


  • The number of years for which the applicant must remain in the UK in order to become eligible for indefinite leave to remain – can be as low as three, provided the business has created at least ten new jobs in the UK, or can show an income from its activity of at least £5 million. Otherwise, migrant can only apply for indefinite leave to remain after five years.


  • Applicants are permitted to be absent from the UK for up to 180 days in any 12 calendar months without jeopardising their application for indefinite leave to remain.


  • Once the indefinite leave to remain is granted, the migrant can apply for UK citizenship after 12 months.


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