School education

School education is a very crucial stage on the way to the future academic success.


Located in the marvellous places across the UK, private boarding schools are the most popular amongst international students. Education in those institutions includes tuition, accommodation, meals, wide range of after-class activities and regular educational tours across the UK and other countries.



Pupils are eligible to enter the school at the age of 11-16 years. British school system concentrates on individual comprehensive development and valuation of discipline. School teachers are highly skilled professionals, who help children to achieve the best academic results and put their knowledge into practice. All schools are well-equipped with modern facilities, computer labs, libraries and laboratories for practical studies. In addition to the main school programme, children have an opportunity to attend various after-school activities - sports sections, art and dance classes, chorus, theatre etc. During holidays children are offered to travel around the world.



British private boarding schools have large territories and are located in the environmentally sound and beautiful places across the UK. During the academic year children reside at the school premises and are supervised by teachers 24/7. In case of emergency, school staff is able to provide the full range of medical services and immediately contact parents. School catering offers balanced meals, which meets any dietary request.


Private school graduates receive International Baccalaureate or A-Level Certificate, which is required to enter universities. According to statistics 85% of such graduates enter the best higher education institutions in the UK, Europe and the US.


Day Schools

For children who are moving to the UK with their parents, we offer places at the best day schools across the UK. Unlike boarding schools, children are eligible to enter day school at the age of 3 years. Day schools include tuition, meals, various after-class activities and tours around the world. Upon graduation, children obtain IB or A-Level certificates, which allow them to continue studies at universities around the world. Education at day schools is very similar to the boarding schools, except pupils are living at home with their family. 

Our Services

  • Individual school selection
  • Organisation of the trip to the UK to visit schools
  • Filling in all required application forms and documents 
  • Preparation for entrance tests, exams and interviews
  • Support on arrival to the UK during the first year of studies 
  • Guardian services
  • Visa support 


We are working to ensure that your child will study at the private school, which is listed in the ranking of Top-200 best schools in the UK.


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