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Lviv is an important political, economic, cultural and scientific center of Western Ukraine. The city has a rich architectural history; since 1998 the historical part of Lviv has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Back in 2009 the city has been recognized as the cultural capital of Ukraine by the Council for Tourism and Resorts of Ukraine jointly with The State Service of Tourism and Resorts of Ukraine, and Focus magazine named Lviv as the Best Ukrainian City to Live in.


It is considered to be a European city of highly-qualified labor force with competitive salary (average – 260$). Having a population of approximately 760,000 citizens, the real unemployment rate is about 10% (unused skilled labor force). Lviv is also well-known as a leading educational center of Ukraine and one of the largest centers in Central and Eastern Europe: there are 38 higher education institutions and approximately 130,000 students. Thus, with its high labor potential, constant economic growth, convenient location at the distance of about 60 km away from the EU border, being placed along the pan-European Corridors A3 and A5, and due to other favorable conditions, Lviv has become a highly attractive city for investors.


It has a positive FDI dynamics; as of January 2012 the volume of foreign direct investments in Lviv amounted to US$ 873.1 million (mostly from Poland, Austria, Cyprus and the USA). There are 581 foreign investment companies, including 162 Polish, 60 German, 25 Danish, 5 Swedish, 40 American, 30 Canadian companies etc. Nestlé Shared Business Services Centre, Carlsberg, Leoni, LaFarge, Henkel, Danish textile, Kredobank, King Cross, Metro Cash & Carry along with other international companies are the examples of successful investment into the region.


In the latest report “European Cities and Regions of the Future 2012/2013” Lviv won three awards: it took 3rd place in Top-10 Large Cities by Cost Effectiveness, 4th place in Top-10 Eastern European Cities with Best FDI Strategy and 6th place in Top-10 Large Cities with Best FDI Strategy (the research was carried out by fDi Intelligence, The Financial Times Ltd.).


According to the Economic Competitiveness Strategy of Lviv until 2015, which has been developed by the city of Lviv in cooperation with Monitor Group and the Foundation for Effective Governance, the city’s priority clusters are tourism and IT-BPO services, which are dynamically developing today (average business services growth rate: 40% during last four years; number of tourists is growing by 40% annually during last three years, - today it is about 1 million per year). Furthermore, in international rankings Lviv has been recognized as one of the best IT-BPO destinations along with other 30 cities in the world (KPMG, 2009). Thus, foreign investors show high interest in developing outsourcing of manufacturing capacity, BPO sectors and SSC in Lviv.


Having been chosen as one of four Ukrainian cities to host the European Soccer Championship in 2012, Lviv is undertaking a wide array of infrastructure improvement projects, including a new airport construction, improvements to municipal roads and transportation network, construction of new hotels and creation of new office spaces etc. More infrastructure development projects are being planned due to the Ukrainian President’s decision to submit an application for the Winter Olympic Games 2022 to the IOC by 2014.


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