Commercial Proposal

Ukrainian Business Centre in London, a representative office of Ukrainian Business Group Corporation invites you to acquire or to take part in the control of a new insurance company. The insurance company was registered in the register of financial institutions in 2015. Without debts.


Authorized capital - UAH 20 million


Founders - two individuals and one legal entity.

The sale can be performed by changing the founder or selling legal rights.


Legal form: ALC


Available licenses to conduct insurance business in the form of voluntary insurance:


1. The financial risk insurance;

2. Property insurance (other than provided in paragraphs 5-9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Insurance");

3. Insurance of transport (except rail);

4. Transport owners liability insurance (including liability of carrier);

5. Cargo and luggage;

6. Accident insurance;

7. Insurance against fire risks and natural disasters;

8. Medical insurance (permanent health insurance);

9. Medical expenses insurance;

10. Third - party liability insurance (other than provided in paragraphs 12-14 of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine "On Insurance");

11. Health Insurance (sickness).



For more information please contact Vasily Kulish


Telephone +38 067 249 35 03




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