Services for Investors

Our team assits British investors in achieving successful implementation of their investment strategies in Ukraine. Our services include:


  • finding local partners in Ukraine
  • informing about the most relevant business events in Ukraine
  • assessing the terms of doing business in Ukraine in the context of particular investment projects
  •  business reputation checks of potential Ukrainian partners
  • audits of Ukrainian target companies


Our investment offering is enhanced by our association with a professional Ukraine-based team.


Business reputation check, conducted by the qualified specialists in strict compliance with Ukrainian legislation, may include:


  • confirmation of the company’s state registration, licenses, existing bank accounts, officers’ and members’ identities and reputation
  • assessment of the company’s, its officers’ and members’ involvement into other business projects
  • commencement of winding-up or liquidation procedures
  • confirmation of the place of business and registered office address
  • analysis of the information of the company’s dealings with the creditors
  • confirmation of the company's engagement in the ongoing and resolved court disputes
  • assessment of the company’s relations with state and local authorities


Audit of Ukrainian target companies may include:


  • general audit, special purpose audit of financial and insurance companies
  • audit of financial statements
  • audits prepared in accordance with National accounting standards and IFRS
  • inventory checktax compliance review
  • tax compliance review